Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

From all of us here at NRGCO, we would like to take a moment to wish you and yours a happy holiday season and best wishes for this winter. As 2017 dawns, this time of year is wonderful to spend time with friends and family by the fire, while reflecting on our accomplishments and opportunities of this past year. We are grateful to everyone who has been a part of that.

Best wishes for a festive holiday season, safe travels, and a wonderful end to 2016!

DJ's and Court Reporters

Digital court reporting involves more than just a microphone and a computer. It also requires a sound mixer, knowledge, and a lot of cables. In a way, court reporting is just like DJing.
A sound mixer has a bunch of knobs, and dials, and switches, a lot of which seem almost like magic. DJs often use the same audio equipment and sound mixers that court reporters do. They even use it in the same way. All of those fantastically complex knobs and dials are made to do one thing – to make the audio sound better.