Around the World Embassy Tour

Here at Neal R. Gross & Co. Court Reporters, we love many of the local events offered in Washington, D.C. With the growth the city has seen in the last decade, there seems to be something happening nearly every day. Still, no festival or public event is quite as exciting as the Around the World Embassy Tour, taking place this Saturday, May 6th.

From ten in the morning until four in the afternoon, more than forty embassies located in the District’s Dupont Circle and Embassy Row neighborhoods will open their doors to guests who wish to partake in their local customs. Offering a level of access that can only be seen once a year, visitors and their families will be able to sample traditional food, fashion, art, and music from around the world. Admission is free to anyone, but a government-issued photo ID is often required for entry to any buildings. So if you’re looking to sample some Angolan calulu or try to dance the Malaysian silat, this event is definitely for you!

For more info, check out the DC Embassy Tour online. And if you want to tell us where you are planning to go this upcoming Saturday, feel free to reach out to NRGCO on Facebook and Twitter!