Transportation Woes on Inauguration Day

For residents, commuters, and visitors alike, Inauguration Day on Jan 20th brings major challenges in getting around in Washington, D.C.

An estimated 800,000 people are expected to attend the swearing-in ceremony and inaugural parade.

Driving around the city will prove especially challenging, as there are a significant number of road closures on Inauguration Day and the days leading up toward it. The map below shows the areas impacted by the road closures.

The roads aren’t the only closures, as five metro stations around the National Mall will also be closed:
Archives, Mt. Vernon Square, Federal Triangle, Smithsonian, Pentagon. However, the Metro will also be selling special Inauguration Day metro cards for 10$ that will cover all rides on the 20th.

Mass transit, such as the metro or buses, will be the best available option, but be aware of bus closures: the DC Circulator buses will suspend service on four routes (Navy Yard, National Mall, Rosslyn-Dupont, and Georgetown-Union Station) while other routes will operate under restricted times.

The court reporters at Neal R. Gross are taking extra precautions to make sure they can get to where they need to go. Most of them will leave extra early to be certain they arrive on time, and will efficiently use mass transit systems such as the metro to avoid the vehicular traffic.

The city of Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas will be strained by the hundreds of thousands of people coming into the city, but thankfully, the Inauguration only happens once every 4 years.