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Court Reporting Topics in New Media

While television and radio are still important media outlets, more and more people today are getting consuming what's called new media, including online videos and podcasts. For this Neal R. Gross & Co. blog, we wanted to share some of our favorite podcasts and TED talks related to the court reporting industry. Included is a short quote from each talk that we found particularly enlightening.

Spotlight on Atlanta

Here at Neal R. Gross & Co., we like to highlight the various locations our reporters travel to from month to month. But this week we wanted to do something different by spotlighting one of our favorite places to work in in the entire country: Atlanta, Georgia. There’s so much to see and do in Atlanta and the surrounding area that we can only mention a few of our favorites in this short piece, and we can tell you right off the bat that this blog does not do justice to everything this city has to offer.

Where We've Worked - August 2016

Hello and welcome to this latest edition of Where We’ve Worked. We wanted to catch you up on all the exciting places our reporters have travelled in August.

Tips and Tricks of the Court Reporting Industry

As an elite court reporting company, we at NRGCO pride ourselves on our ability to produce a verbatim transcript for a wide variety of public and private sector clients. But this isn’t always an easy task, as there are all kinds of words that sound like or are spelled in a way that can be confusing when transcribing official proceedings. Essentially we’re talking about homophones and homographs, words that have close neighbors either in the way they’re pronounced or in how they’re written down.

Where We've Worked - July 2016

Hello and welcome to this July 2016 edition of Where We’ve Worked! As with any month, our reporters traveled far and wide in July, and we wanted to take the opportunity to show you some of their excursions.

Our first stop on this edition of WWW is Louisville, the largest city in the state of Kentucky. Boasting as the site of the legendary Kentucky Derby and many other attractions of The Bluegrass State, Louisville is well-known for its deep history of equestrian competition and folk music.

Spotlight on Colombia Heights

Since the Columbia Heights metro opened in 1999, the surrounding area has been a hotspot for developers, entrepreneurs, and all kinds of new residents. With an abundance of activities for people of all ages to take in, this once quaint neighborhood is now one of the most diverse and entertaining communities in the District.

Best Movies Set in Washington D.C.

Well-known as the time for barbecuing and sunbathing, going to see the latest summer blockbuster is another can’t miss activity of the summer season. As one of the most culturally significant cities in the world, D.C. has been the setting for an incredible number of successful films. In fact, five of the of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 movies of all time are set primarily in the District! While we can’t go into full detail about all of them, we wanted to take an opportunity to highlight just a few of our favorite movies set in the D.C. area.


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