DJ's and Court Reporters

Digital court reporting involves more than just a microphone and a computer. It also requires a sound mixer, knowledge, and a lot of cables. In a way, court reporting is just like DJing.
A sound mixer has a bunch of knobs, and dials, and switches, a lot of which seem almost like magic. DJs often use the same audio equipment and sound mixers that court reporters do. They even use it in the same way. All of those fantastically complex knobs and dials are made to do one thing – to make the audio sound better.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year again, when we have to deal with the in-laws and worry about how to cook a huge 20 lb turkey, as well as being grateful, of course. To celebrate, we took some time on Monday to eat and be merry with our friends and coworkers at Neal R. Gross.

Bad Audio

A transcriber always wishes for perfect audio. Unfortunately, sometimes that simply doesn’t happen and we’re left with something like this:

Can you figure out what’s being said there?

Veterans Day 2016

Friday, November 11, is Veterans Day, a day where Americans can commemorate the contributions of members of our armed services. We at Neal R. Gross & Company thank you for your patriotism and sacrifice.

Although many government offices will be closed today, we at NRGCO wanted to let you know that we will be operating during our usual business hours.


“Summarize the events…”

If you’ve just had a flashback to your 4th grade English teacher and the horribly boring book you were forced to read, chances are you’ve written a summary before. But book summaries, and what you learned in school, are a bit different from the type of summary that transcribers and Neal R Gross can do.

Take this excerpt from the Wikipedia page on a transcript (law).

D.C. at the Voting Booth

On this day in 1964, residents of the District of Columbia cast their ballots in a presidential election for the first time ever. Due to the passage of the 23rd Amendment in 1961, Washingtonians were finally able to vote for president for the first time in their nearly two-hundred year history.

Where We've Worked - October2016

Hello and welcome to this October edition of Where We’ve Worked! As we inch closer and closer to 2017, Neal R. Gross & Co. continues to send our highly-trained staff across the country to meet all of your court reporting and transcription needs, and we’re thrilled to show you just some of the exciting places they were able to go to this month.

Origins of the Legal System

As any good court reporter knows, those in the legal field frequently use a number of Latin phrases. Though laws change often, legal traditions fall away much more slowly, and if you were to sit in a courtroom today you’d hear dozens if not hundreds of antique Roman words. Being in the court reporting industry, it’s helpful to have a comprehension of the terms you’ll likely encounter in a civil procedure setting. We’ve included just a few of our favorites below:

Nobel Prize in Economics 2016

By far the greatest international honor for economists around the world, this week Professors Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström were announced as the co-recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Well-known in finance circles for their work in contract theory, Hart and Holmström were awarded the prize for detailing how “essential contracts are for the functioning of modern societies.”


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