Memorial Day 2017

We at Neal R. Gross & Co. Inc. would like to wish you well as you celebrate Memorial Day with your friends and family! Enjoy the long weekend, and please remember those that have served our country.

Where We've Worked - April/May 2017

Hello and welcome to this April/May 2017 edition of Where We’ve Worked! NRGCO reporters worked all across the country these last two months, and we’re excited to show you all of the places they travelled.

Association of Meeting Professionals

This Tuesday (May 9th) some of our NRGCO staff were pleased to join the Association of Meeting Professionals for their monthly meeting in Arlington, Virginia. One of the premier nonprofits representing the needs of companies in the meeting management industry, the AMPS provides tremendous opportunities for local D.C.-area businesses to network. We look forward to meeting with them again soon!

Around the World Embassy Tour

Here at Neal R. Gross & Co. Court Reporters, we love many of the local events offered in Washington, D.C. With the growth the city has seen in the last decade, there seems to be something happening nearly every day. Still, no festival or public event is quite as exciting as the Around the World Embassy Tour, taking place this Saturday, May 6th.



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The Absolute Best Apps for Legal Professionals

As smart phones become ubiquitous, more and more people use apps to perform even the most basic daily tasks. Lawyers are no different in this way, and the legal profession is starting to rely more heavily on the use of phone and tablet software to drive their business.

We wanted to show you some of the most popular apps used by legal professionals. Hopefully they can help you, and your firm, be more successful!

Happy 40th Anniversary!

Neal R. Gross & Co. is proud to celebrate our 40th year in business! For four decades we’ve provided superior court reporting, transcription, and summary writing services to clients here in the Washington, DC area and throughout the country and world. We’ve worked in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam and have also worked in foreign locations throughout Europe, Africa, Central America and Asia.

Court Reporting Jargon

Set the EQ by dropping the treble, then lower the master if the dB is too high, and monitor the main out.
Wait. What does that mean again?

The Benefits of Electronic Transcripts

As technological advances march on relentlessly forward, so has the switch from paper to electronic formats. Books, textbooks, and newspapers have all been transformed to electronic formats, while their physical counterparts are on the decline.

Similarly, while physical transcripts have their role, electronic transcripts have proved their usefulness many times over. Here are just some of the benefits of e-transcripts:

What Court's Really Like


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